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Our Approach

The RRK Vision

We love our dogs.  We want more of them.
This passion is the foundation to what we do and why we do it.  Our breeding goals are ultimately about joining bloodlines and personalities to allow for our next pack member.

Our dogs must be members of the family, and hunt their tails off.

We expect them to be excellent at all things Shorthair, and then come inside and be well mannered couch potatoes.

And they should be really, really, ridiculously good looking.

Our Story

What does that create?

It turns out, a lot of other people are looking for the exact same thing!  We truly enjoy meeting like minded kindred spirits.  Folks that love these dogs as much as we do, understand that the right home is more than dog friendly; it provides the outlets to let these dogs expend energy and grow to their full hunting potential.

We also get to see many young families taking home their first hunting dog.  (I remember the hunting dogs that I grew up with.  They had a big impact during my formative years.)  It is a true joy to see young hunters play with bird dog puppies.  We can all imagine the adventures ahead of them!

Meet the Pack

These are our Shorthairs.

They're all special.  They all share many of the same talents; yet they are all unique!

GSP breeder


Our foundation Female.

Artemis was the GSP that everyone wants, and convinced us to continue the lineage.  Never ending drive and natural ability.  She hunted her heart out for 14 bird seasons before a full retirement. At nearly 16 years old, we said good bye to this wonderful friend, hunting partner and family member. May she hunt the fields now forever.

South Dakota Pheasants


Retired Stud; son of Artemis.

Laelaps was our first stud, but will not be our last.  He has broken all of the negative stereotypes that some associate with intact males.  Alicia's personal gun dog (her first); he is a responsive and extremely enthusiastic hunting partner.

Pointing Shorthair


Retired breeding female, daughter of Artemis. Mother of Penelope.

Calypso would probably be Ben's preferred gun dog.  She is driven, talented and responsive.  Since she is so easy to handle, she usually ends up hunting for everyone else...

GSP on point


Retired breeding female, daughter of Artemis. Mother of Maia.

Freyja is out of our favorite breeding with Artemis.  She is as biddable as Shorthairs' come.  Her desire to hunt with her handler is incredible, only rivaled by her drive for birds.

Chukar Hunting GSP


Future breeding female, daughter of Freyja and Chippewa's Yolo.

We big hopes and plans for  Maia.  Born April, 2019; she has a few big hunting seasons ahead of her.  If she proves herself to be another outstanding Versatile Hunting Dog, we'll be looking for her first pups in spring of 2022.


Future breeding female, daughter of Calypso and Jaeger.

We've been looking forward to Jaeger pups for several years.  The combination of tremendous blood lines, chock full of natural ability and biddable personality.  Penny, born January 2020, looks to live up to a lot of promise.  Her first pups are likely for spring of 2023.

GSP Puppies

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