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Our Breeding Program

We offer stud service or fresh and frozen semen to approved females.  Our goals to maintain and improve the breed excellence are upheld in our stud service as well.

To approve a female, we will start by requesting pedigree and health certifications to review. (OFA results for hips and elbows.  PEN eyes, if available.  Recent Brucellosis Test.)
Before meeting your female, side profile, head on and rear photos help us to get an idea of her conformation.
Plan on telling us about her achievements as a hunter, her personality in the family, and exactly what your goals are in breeding.

None of our dogs are perfect (that can be tough for any of us to accept!), and we will want to know what it is that you’re looking to add or tweak in your blood lines.

Pairings made at R.R.K.

Once a female is approved, we bring her to our kennel during the height of her cycle.  We can estimate the height of her cycle as number of days from first spotting, and other visual and behavioral signs.  More accurately, you can have your veterinarian perform progesterone tests to monitor her levels and pick the optimal date range for breeding.

She is treated like one of our own while here, although safety and security in a new place are a top priority.  She’ll have her own kennel and dog house during the day; several supervised exercise periods in our 1/2 acre dog run; and some pampering indoors in the evening.

We want to give the dogs the chance to breed on the first and last day that she is receptive.  Most science shows that ovulation has occurred a few days prior to last day she is receptive; we will allow them to mate every day that they will.  A female may only be receptive for one day, or more than 15.  The more covers and the closer to ovulation, the better chance for a good live litter.

For safety of the dogs, and virility of the male during the cover, we allow access to each other just once/day until they lock.  This allows both dogs to recover between daily sessions.

$200 non-refundable deposit is required with a $100 boarding fee prior to the pairing.  Balance of the agreed upon stud fee is owed at time of live birth.  Live birth constitutes a litter of 2 or more healthy puppies.  If the pairing is unsuccessful, we will grant a second/future pairing with same or equal stud at the time of your choosing.

Standing at Stud

We typically have 1 or 2 boys in our kennel.  Let us know if you would like to learn more about one of these stud hunters.


River Rein Laelaps vom Artemis

Whelp date: February, 2011


After a good career of siring future field dogs, Laelaps has been retired from Stud service.  He’ll spend the next 1/2 of his life in the field and by the fire.
Watch for for future studs to take his place.

Laelaps is actually the first intact male that we’ve kept.  While he has all the charm of a princely gentleman in the house, using his puppy-ish whiles to gain a spot on the couch; in the field he is an absolute bruiser.  Crashing brush and nailing birds.  Like the best of these dogs, he is a bloody scabby warrior at the end of a long hunt.

Despite his hard charging drive, he has a gorgeous point, and his responsiveness is fantastic.  Laelaps typically hunts for Alicia, who is more soft spoken than Ben with dog commands, and requires little electric stimulus.  He retrieves to hand and loves to please.

As a sire, he was 100% effective, siring gorgeous pups with all attempted females.  All litters were 9 or more pups.

Interested in making a pairing?

Get in touch and tell us about your female and what your goals for a potential breeding are.

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