There are a lot of questions you might have for us.  Please ask!
Here are a few that are most common, and we would like to hear from any potential dog owner/buyer.

Do dogs have health issues?  Do they come with a health guarantee?

All of us have health issues, genetic and non.  We have the responsibility as animal breeders to find and perpetuate the best qualities that our specific breed is known for, and to not breed dogs with known flaws or weaknesses.
Genetic diseases, thankfully, are rare in GSP's.  It is our job to keep it that way.  Any shorthair being bred should at least be tested and certified for conforming Hips and Elbows.
We offer a 26 month health guarantee for all pups.

Will you ship me a dog?

We truly love these dogs and insist on personally meeting, as part of our screening process, every potential buyer.  We also know that at the age our pups go home, they are very open to imprint.  While they often appear 'fearless'; a scary plane flight without love and comfort could change all of that.
Come and meet us, pick up your pup, and then transport is all up to you.

Do you provide paperwork to travel with?

Of course! Our dogs all have registration, microchip, medical history as well as many of our kennel documents to accompany you home.  We have pups spread out across North America now, including several across the border in Canada.


Is this breed right for me?

Have a strong sense of humor, a passion to be outside rain or shine, the space/time/ability/willingness to allow for exercise hours of every day? (Yes, we are talking about the humans here)
This is not meant to scare you off, but please do your research.  These pups are not happy, nor are they much of a joy; if they spend all day indoors without an outlet.  And if you think you can wear one of these dogs out with your own legs, think again 🙂

How do you know a dog is fit to be a parent/breeding stock?

This is a fantastic breed. (we think the best)  Let's keep it that way; and it's only done by breeding the best to the best.
We don't believe in breeding dogs too young, or too old, just for the sake of producing a litter.  Dogs need to prove that they have the intelligence, temperament and attitude to be a loving and responsive family member.  Much of that is genetic.

They also need to have years, not months, of experience in the field to prove that they are not just good, but GREAT at all hunting skills.  Field trials, hunt tests and release sites are all good and well.  If a dog can't perform well in real world conditions, then they should not be bred.  All of our German Shorthaired Pointers have proven themselves in the field and in the home before they are considered for passing on the genetic code.

Will you sell a dog to a non-hunter?

Yes, but let's talk.  All of the reasons that we love these dogs make them desirable and great companions for many folks and for many different reasons.  We fully support the VERSATILE hunting dog description.
Being a non-hunter is not a closed door with us, but please be prepared to answer even more questions about what this dogs future might look like.
Our dogs all end up on the couch, but only after hours of exercise!